How to Tie Guide

How to Tie a Windsor Tie

The ‘Windsor’ tie knot, also known as ‘Double Windsor’, is one of the most popular and classic necktie knots. The Windsor knot is thick and wide with a triangular shape, and it’s best suited for spread collar shirts or cutaway collar shirts. The Windsor knot is often thought to be named after the Duke of...
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How to tie Half-Windsor tie knot

This tie knot is very popular because it is easy to make and it is very practical. It is ideal for medium-weight silk and wool ties. It goes well with various types of collars and is equally good for colored and solid-color, narrow and wide ties. This tie knot is preferred by men with a narrow face, a...
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How to Tie the Pratt knot

ratt knot was invented by an American employee Jerry Pratt. But it was brought into use and made popular by the famous TV presenter Don Shelby. Pratt has become one of the most used tie knots. It is a neat, fairly wide knot, which is great for the office. Pratt is well suited for short...
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