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How to tie Half-Windsor tie knot

This tie knot is very popular because it is easy to make and it is very practical. It is ideal for medium-weight silk and wool ties. It goes well with various types of collars and is equally good for colored and solid-color, narrow and wide ties. This tie knot is preferred by men with a narrow face, a pointed chin and a long neck, because visually it shortens the neck.

To make the knot more symmetrical and triangular, carefully spread it before you tighten. If the tie is very wide, the knot turns out more clumpy, gives up its triangular shape and becomes more stretched. Half-Windsor will look nicer if before it’s tightened, you will slightly squeeze the tie so that longitudinal folds will appear, and align the folds with fingers when tightening. This tie knot is very well suited for the office and for festive events.

Step 1. To tie the Half-Windsor tie knot, drape it around your neck. Place the wide end of the tie on the left and a few inches below the narrow end.

Step 2. Pass the wide end of the tie over the narrow, directing it to the right.

Step 3. Wrap the wide end around the narrow and bring it to the left.

Step 4. Lift the wide end up and pull it down through the gap between the neck and the tie.

Step 5. After pulling it through the middle, bring it over in front to the left.  

Step 6. Bring the wide end up and through the middle, toward your chin. 

Step 7. Hold the knot with your index finger and and pass the wide end through the front of the knot. 

Step 8. Adjust the knot, push it gently toward the collar and make a dimple with your index finger. The knot is ready. 

Half-Windsor knot is a good alternative for the Windsor tie knot, and you can change the knots day-to-day.  But it’s not so splashy as Atlantic knot or Diagonal, and more complicated in tying than the Oriental tie knot. 


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