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How to tie the Plattsburgh Tie knot?

How to Tie Plattsburgh Knot

This tie knot looks like a wide inverted cone. It is well suited for light, thin ties. It is also distinguished by its symmetrical form. It got its name in the honor of a small town of Plattsburgh, located in the north of the State of New York, near the Canadian border.

This tie knot will help you to revive worn and stretched ties: tied with this knot, they look pretty good. Besides, you can use ties of any color. This tie knot can be called classic for sure, as it is well suited for any kind of event. Some people believe that a person who ties his tie with the Plattsburgh knot, can be described as pragmatic, strong-willed and motivated.

Step 1. To tie a Plattsburgh knot, drape a tie around your neck with the seam facing up.
Step 2. Bring the wide end to the right under the narrow end.
Step 3. Lift the wide end up.

Step 4. Pass it through the middle down to the left.
Step 5. Again lift the wide end up.
Step 6. Now pull it down through the gap between your neck and the tie.
Step 7. Swipe the wide end over the narrow end to the left.
Step 8. Pass the wide end up on the inside.
Step 9. Hold the knot with your index finger and pass the wide end down through the loop in front.
Step 10. Pull the knot gently to the collar and the knot is ready.

As previously said, Plattsburgh is good for light and thin ties as it requires many steps to take and many loops to make. So, if you’ve got a tie of a thicker fabric, you can tie your tie with the Pratt knot or Oriental knot which are designed for thicker, denser ties. 

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