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How to tie Eldredge Knot?

How to tie Eldredge Knot?

How to tie Eldredge Knot?

The Eldredge knot, a new stylish necktie knot, was invented by Jeffrey Eldredge who challenged the traditional official style.  As tying a necktie with a four-in-hand was a bit outdated, he was looking for something new and original. An instructional video on tying the Ediety knot gave him an idea to use the narrow end of the tie for tying the knot. As it was admitted by Mr. Eldredge, he did not do anything special in order to create a new tie knot, he was just experimenting with a tie until he got what he liked.

If you are young, stylish and not afraid to experiment, this beautiful tie knot is for you. This knot won’t only draw attention to you, but will give you a chance to try out something new if you are bored of the usual classical knots.  The Eldredge knot looks very extraordinary and impressive. At first glance it looks like a braid or herringbone. If you want to learn how to tie it, you need to be patient, but if you have learned, you can easily tie it alone in a few minutes.

Here are a few tips for those who want to tie their tie with the Eldredge knot:

1. Remember that you should not choose heavy pattern ties, otherwise the pattern will distract attention from the knot itself. Besides, the pattern will not accord well at the knot interlacing, making the tie knot look sloppy. The same holds true for the striped and plaid ties. A shirt and a suit also should not be too bright and colorful, and certainly must not be striped or plaid, as it is the beautiful necktie knot that adorns your style, so let it be in the foreground.

2. In addition, your tie should not be too short, otherwise it is not long enough to tie the knot. Of course, it is not necessary to take any extra long tie, you can use a common length tie for tying the Eldredge knot as long as it has not shrunk from multiple washings.

3. When tying the knot, first position the wide end of the tie in the middle of your chest so that it touches your belt. The Eldridge knot is tied by swinging a narrow end around the wide end, therefore, hold the wide end with your fingers while making the knot so that it does not hang askew or get warped.

4. Do not over tighten the loop while tying the knot and flatten the narrow end each time you swing it around the wide end, otherwise the tie knot will be too short and wide, thus, making your face look flatter.  The knot should come off quite long and voluminous, and the interlacing should be all even.

5. Don’t think that if people take a keen interest in you today – it is only a merit of yours. Perhaps, this is the tie knot you’re wearing, it is the knot that attracts to you admiring glances!

If today you’re going to a corporate party or you go to a friend’s wedding, or you are awaiting some festive event, feel free to tie the Eldredge tie knot. 

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